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Signposts and encouragement for our spiritual and psychological journey to wholeness.
We all want to live a whole, joyful, and flourishing life. But we have many roadblocks, from trauma to broken relationships and lost faith. This podcast provides signposts and encouragement for our journey to find wholeness again.

MY STORY - It is not about perfection but about progress. 

I started this podcast at the beginning of 2020. My desire was to share my counselor's wisdom with an audience through a series of interviews with him. My heart was broken through childhood sexual abuse, losses, and the tragic family deaths of my 2 brothers.  I have gained healing and restoration over the years by learning to heal from the inside out.  It has taken learning knowledge and wisdom from experts and a day-to-day process of transformation that has helped me flourish. I am now producing content for those who also want to journey toward the inner Eden, a place of wholeness, beauty, and a flourishing life. 

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